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for anyone who works on a cintiq or cintiq companion, does the 13 inch screen give you any problems?? 

16 deviants said No it works pretty well!
9 deviants said comments appreciated!
4 deviants said YES i wish it was bigger


Discord users! Find me on Discord: Tang#5826 Please tell me who you are if it's not 100% obvious~ Thank you
Changing application due date to February 15th, so get your apps in!!!! No art needed, just answer the prompts in the artist comments!
Bones' Husband Try-out!

Name's ive found that i like: Atticus, Percival, Algernon, Arlo, Marlow, Newt, Roswell, Shelley

Star! to apply for Bones' husband


- you must be either a member of ToW or someone who will be at least applying to get in 

- you must be active in ToW, when it opens and if you get in~
- you must read Bone's history in its entirety
- This character must be over age 50 (max age 70)
- If you leave TOW, design will come back to me

give me the following information in a comment below!:
Height: (would prefer over 16hh)
List personality traits:
How did he and Bones meet?:
How long have they been together?:
Please write a standard rp post (can be anything you please, as long as it's this character):
On 100,000 page views (7 years in the making wow) I will be holding a headshot raffle, 2-3 winners~~ Thanks for the support over the past 7 years 

(at 98,330 pageviews now, btw)
Looking for critique please, any way to make him more real is much appreciated
Bones||TOW||Olde Order||Archivist

"Do you think that i care for you so little that betraying me will make a difference?"
"Run like hell, because you always need to. Laugh at everything cause it's always funny. Never be cruel, and never be cowardly, and if you ever are always make amends. "

Pinterest Board! Playlist
:new: new headshot!

Name: Bones
Nicknames: none atm
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Species: Common horse
Sire / Dam: Adeline, Niklaus
Breed: Friesian, Akhal Teke, Barb
Phenotype / Genotype / Eye Color: grullo sabino appaloosa/Ee aa nSb Lplp/pale blue
Markings: Stockings on front limbs and left hind
Height: 16 hh
Build: thin, delicate, frail, seems to have once been very sturdy
Coat Type: thin, soft
Voice type:  breathy, slightly gravelly, slightly congested, LISTEN HERE!
Orientation: Bisexual
Mate: --will be up for adoption/audition: Bones' Husband Try-out!
Herd Affiliation: Olde Order
Rank: Archivist (looking to retire)
Faction Status: Milieu
Calling/Craft: Thought Healer
Gift: --

-Highly Intelligent
-Amazing personality
-Sturdy Moral Compass

Weaknesses/Debilitating Conditions:
-Weak heart and lungs
-poor immune system
-Trusts a little too easily

Husband: UP FOR ADOPTION Bones' Husband Try-out!
Lyssa (Deceased)
Adopted Children up for adoption: Baila, Yosheved, Sumadi, Gabriel, Samuel, Martinique, Keut, Durga
Granddaughter: Stella
Great-Grandson: Neil


Intelligent: "I don't think that course of action would be particularly wise"
Bones has many years of experience under his proverbial belt, and as such, is often a fantastic resource for advice, wisdom, and typically holds more insight than many of the younger members of his herd.

Kind: "A hug is typically more helpful than a hit"
Bones is probably one of the kindest souls out there. He’s always an excellent friend and if you’re ever in need of something, he’ll help you find it. He’s a sweetheart and generally very good natured around everyone. He does tend to lag behind a lot, but he doesn’t mind being at the back of the herd. 

Compassionate: "I would rather feel ones pain than feel nothing at all"
Compassion is one of Bones' defining traits. He will always be an advocate for kindness, compassion and the fair and kind treatment of anyone from any species, ever. He feels the pain of others around him to an extent that borders on overly empathetic, and at times this compassionate nature can cloud his judgement.

Tolerant: "Let us see what happens, do not act rashly, breathe and think"
Tolerance is a value Bones holds very close to his heart. His beliefs often center around tolerance and faith in the goodness of others. He often refers to those who Olde fears as "those Olde does not entirely understand".

Lazy: "I'm great in bed, I can sleep for days"
Bones is, in his old age, rather lazy. He spends much of his time in a rather sedentary lifestyle, and when not working as an archivist, he can often be found asleep.

Gentle: "Itll be allright, just stay here'n rest"
If there was ever any one single word to describe Bones, it would be gentle. There has never been, and never will be, a hurtful bone in his body. He was useless as a knight, and often refused to fight. 

Outspoken: "Well now that just sounds preposterous!"
Though typically nearly silent, when he feels an injustice is being done, Bones will not hesitate to speak his mind. Now this can sometimes get him into trouble, and sometimes he can lose his temper.

Occasionally melancholic: "Just a bit blue is all, i'll be allright"
As one may expect, Bones has experienced much joy, but also much sadness within his lifetime. As such, he can sometimes become gloomy and melancholic. Though these periods never seem to last long, one tends to get an impression of deep sadness when speaking with him.

Stubborn: "If I can still breathe, I'm fine"
Bones is stubborn as hell; often to his detriment. He is willing to work himself to the bone and ignore warning signs that he should stop, including the voices of those he holds most dear.


    Some families in the land of Chevalin seem to stretch back into eternity, their origins long since forgotten. Bones is from one such family. His line stretches back as far as can be traced; his grandfather an advisor to King Vasska, having long since passed after the 10 Years War. A soft brown mare, speckled and spotted like her father and grandmother before her, Adeline, gave birth to a son not long after. The child seemed to be a sign, a blessing, for the grieving mare, and she named him appropriately after his own grandfather. “Look at him” she had said “if his face were white i’d think he were a ghost.”

    A mild upbringing, a doting mother, a stern father. Books reigned supreme in the small boy’s head, dreams of adventure and fantasies of travel far and wide hampered by a thin frame and recurring illness. “He’ll grow out of it” his mother insisted, a father growing more distant by the day. He did, for a time, grow out of it, much to his fathers’ relief. Bones grew into a sturdy young stallion, full of wisdom and calmness. Bones expressed a deep interest in becoming an Archivist, or a Mage, but his father, full of fire and confidence, forbade it, disgusted at seeing his son, capable and clever, waste away his potential in books. In order to appease his father, Bones enrolled as a knight.

    He loathed it. The violence, the weapons, the armor, all of it left a sour taste on his mild-mannered tongue. Bones was clumsy and compassionate, scared of violence, and even more terrified of getting hurt. Getting hurt was something he seemed to have a specific proclivity for, which explains many of the hard pink lines running through his hide that are still so visible today.

    Several years into knighthood, it was announced that the rank of knight was to be phased out, much to Bones’ relief. Within only a few years, he quite easily settled into a new role, that of a fully fledged archivist. Within such role, he thrived. His parents, relieved that their boy had found something he enjoyed, began looking for a suitable mate for him, and it wasn't long before they found someone perfect. She was one of his very coworkers, a silvery mare named Lilliana. An accomplished Archivist herself, the two rather quickly fell for each other, and by the time Bones was 23, the two were married and expecting their first children, a set of triplets.

     A soft breath, a shuddering sigh, and she was gone. She had left his world as quiet as she’d come into it. Left with three lovely children, a set of triplets, a flicker of apprehension, horror perhaps, flooded him. Fortunately, Bones was not as alone as he had once expected, and with the help of others within his family and herd, the three children, Ambrose, Lyssa, and Holle, blossomed. By the time the children were in their twenties, they had become the apple of their father's eye, and though he would go on to adopt several other children into his home after them, they never ceased to be his pride and joy. 

    But the pride and joy were not to last. Bones' eldest daughter, Lyssa, passed away only a few months shy of her 34th birthday, leaving a daughter, Stella, and a husband, Tobias, in her wake. Tobias almost immediately pulled Stella away from her grandfather, which further broke Bones' already grieving heart. Bones grieved deeply for Lyssa for many months, secluding himself away, alone, for several months. When he finally returned to the city, he seemed changed, many said, more sad. Bones did not see Stella much, if at all, until roughly three years ago, when she returned with a son of her own, Neil. 

    As he neared forty, getting into another relationship was something Bones had nearly given up on. Fate had another idea. At 42, someone fell right into his lap, and they’ve been glued at the hip ever since. (Husband will be up for adoption/tryout).

     Despite being happy, age has started to catch up with him. Bones’ line had never been blessed with particularly excellent health, and at the age of 60, he began to contemplate retirement. However, without an Elder rank within the Olde herd, he cannot. So for now, he waits, spending much of his time tutoring archivist rooks and compiling the history of Chevalin.
Words that feel particularly relevant tonight:
"A bandaid can't fix a shrapnel wound"


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